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2019 ZL1 Camaro Gets the Mallett Treatment

The Mallett Performance Cars team got back to our roots with this 2019 ZL1 Camaro project. When a customer is looking to add some power under the hood, they know that nobody brings the hammer down like Mallett.

Modifications include:

  • DOD Removal
  • LS7 Lifters
  • Mallett Performance Camshaft
  • CNC Ported Heads
  • 2650 Magnuson Supercharger
  • Kooks Long Tube Headers
  • Hi Flow Cats
  • 3″ Exhaust
  • 3200 RPM Stall Converter
  • 900+ rear wheel horsepower

Mallett Team Delivers 900RWHP 2013 ZL1 Camaro

For some people, the 580 crank horsepower from a stock ZL1 Camaro is enough.
Not for Mallett Performance Cars.

Chuck and the team took this stock 6.2L and completely reworked it to make more than 900hp at the wheels. Mallett-spec internals, valvetrain, and cylinder head increased the displacement to 454ci, and a 2.3L Magnuson Heartbeat supercharger with modified intercooler system provided 15lbs of boost.

The exhaust was routed through Mallett long-tube headers with Kooks Hyflow cats and collectors leading to Corsa mufflers with ZL1 cutouts. The fuel system and clutch were also overhauled to manage double the factory output. The fuel system now features upgraded pumps, injectors, and braided lines with AN fittings. The “Mallett Magic” clutch can handle punishment at the drag strip without the punishing feel of a typical high-torque clutch.

The monster drivetrain would be uncontrollable without the complete Mallett suspension package, including custom Mallett/Penske double adjustable coil-overs and a custom drop kit with control arms and upgraded rear springs.

The 20″ Mallett forged split-spoke rims were polished and powdercoated, then wrapped in Michelin Super Sport tires. The factory option Brembo brake package is surprisingly capable and was mostly left alone. The pads were replaced with a Performance Friction offering for aggressive bite with no sacrifice in comfort.

To make this machine look as good as it performs, the team installed a performance hood, a Mallett custom carbon engine cover to complement the polished and powder-coated blower, a Mallett custom carbon splitter, side air dams, spoiler, and framed perimeter grills.

The end result is a car that’s as pleasant to drive as it is to look at. It’s quiet, composed, and comfortable around town, but the drivetrain and suspension deliver stunning acceleration and grip when called upon.

2001 Mallett Hammer Corvette Pulled from Corvette Museum Sink Hole

Kevin and Linda Helmintoller donated their ’01 Mallett Corvette (Mallett serial #009) to the National Corvette Museum on December 2, 2013. The couple gave the car up to help the NCM grow. In addition, they felt that the Mallett would be a good training vehicle for the new Motorsports Park. They are both lifetime members of the Museum and have participated in many R8C Museum Deliveries. This Corvette carries VIN# 1G1YY125415134460 and Mallett completed its conversion in June 2002.

It produces 700 hp at the flywheel and has been clocked at 10.6 seconds at 128 mph in the quarter-mile. It had a total of 16,000 miles on its clock when Kevin and Linda donated it to the museum. This car was featured on the cover of GM High-Tech Performance magazine. It was the last car to be found and it was located at the very bottom of the sinkhole. It took some time to uncover it and it was raised with a chain wrapped around its rear crash bumper. The Corvette was so badly damaged that it now rests on a specially constructed wooden dolly with wheels. The remains of this once proud Corvette rocket are now on display in the NCM exhibit hall.

The good news continues to be that nobody was injured or lost when this event happened. Recently, the museum board developed three options on how to proceed with the sinkhole repairs: fill it, keep a portion of it, or preserve the entire sinkhole. It appears that the board favors filling half the hole and the repair estimate is between $3 and $5 million. How much the insurance will cover is still being determined. If you are in the area we highly recommend stopping by for a visit. For updates go to

Upon viewing the remains of the Corvette, Chuck was pleased to see that the roll cage welded by his brother Lance Mallett was still intact.

Scroll down for pictures of the vehicle both pre- and post-sinkhole.