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Mallett Performance Meets Italian Engineering

In a Class All Your Own.

Unprecedented Power. Unmatched Elegance.

The Mallett Hammer Supercharger System brings all of the innovation and power from the Mallett team’s storied career into your Lamborghini Huracan or Audi R8.

Transform your supercar into the hypercar it deserves to be.  

A true bolt-on, turnkey system, the Mallett Hammer Supercharger will add 200+ horsepower and 200+ torque over stock with no additional modifications.

Add power from idle to redline, giving you a more aggressive feel and better overall performance whether you’re driving to dinner or turning heads on the track.

  • Superior 2650 High Efficiency Eaton TVS blower
  • Expertly calibrated tune to provide immediate low-end power in an exciting -but manageable – linear ascent
  • Carbon fiber manifold and components throughout to provide superior cooling to aluminum
  • CFD-based inlet design for improved efficiency
  • Custom-designed Fluidyne Dual Pass Intercooler System
  • Custom Fluidyne Twin Heat Exchanger
  • Improved intake manifold runner design. 6″ longer than other systems for higher output of cooler air with more direct route and improved flow into the intake manifold for greater horsepower and torque
  • CNC-Machined Pulley Assemblies
  • Fleet Quality 8-Rib Gates Belt, superior performance and durability to the 6-rib and 7-rib belts found in other superchargers.
  • High-Quality Corrosion Resistant Fasteners
  • Custom 2.5 Gallon Water System