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Transforming daily drivers into the monsters they deserve to be.

Mallett Performance Cars was founded upon building the most comprehensive, reliable and ready-to-ride high horsepower C5 Corvettes on the market. Today, that mindset has grown to include Cadillac and GM SUV full conversions, to the point that Mallett Performance Cars is now known as the industry leader in GM high-performing conversions.

Mallett Performance Cars’ conversion philosophy is simple on paper, but only possible after years upon years of development and testing. This philosophy entails the coordinated development of both chassis and engine components so the car performs as a complete vehicle, with not one performance aspect of the car outperforming the other. The conversions truly are an effective re-engineering of the vehicle platform, not simply an assembly of aftermarket components.

Peruse the conversions below Mallett Performance Cars specializes in, or jump straight to your desired conversion and contact us if you have any questions.