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Mallett GM SUV Conversions

Standard Features Include:

  • 5.3L Supercharged 400HP Engine
  • Optional 6.0L Engine
  • Body Emblems with Mallett Logo and Mallett Serial Number
  • Leather Seats with Mallett Graphics on Headrest
  • Custom Stainless Steel Mufflers
  • Mallett/Penske Indy-Style Shock Absorbers (7500 series non-adjustable)
  • Mallett Chasis Number Assignment and Vehicle Registry
  • Your choice of 20 inch wheels and tires
  • Please call us at (216)-905-0029 for pricing. Price varies depending on year, model, and factory installed options.


HP 400+ HP
Torque Varies – please call
0-60 MPH Varies – please call
1/4 Mile Varies – please call
Top Speed Varies – please call
Skid Pad Varies – please call