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C5 Supertuners Go Head-To-Head At The 5th Annual Birthday Bash
Bob Wallace: Oct 1, 2002

If you’re in the business of making fast cars like C5s go faster, handle better, and stop in shorter distances than they were already capable of, then it’s simply human nature to know, absolutely that your special modified Corvette is faster/quicker/better handling/whatever than your competitor’s version. And each and every one of your competitors knows that his special “tuned” Corvette is the fastest, quickest, best handling, etc. This simple fact led, in turn, to…

An invitational Supertuner Shootout at Beech Bend Raceway, the wildest portion of two days of driving activities (including participant drag races, autocross schools, and timed autocross competition) at the Bend.

Winners? The Supertuner Shootout produced a draw-Chuck Mallett taking the drag racing honors with an 11.356 second pass, on regular street tires, in a customer’s supercharged Z06 while Danny Popp dominated the autocross (and placed second in the drags) in his Vette Brakes & Products/McCluskey Chevrolet ’02 Z06. John Lingenfelter blew everyone away with a mind-boggling 9.48 @ 150 mph pass in a shod-with-slicks, street-legal, 7.0L twin turbo C5 coupe. Top Eliminator in the RPI C5 Office.

The late John Lingenfelter (left) and Chuck Mallett were swapping stories at the Corvette event.

“A most worthy opponent, colleague and friend, John is sincerely missed.” -Chuck Mallett