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Mallett Motorsports Berea Ohio was the site of custom fabrication, paint, chassis set-up, and final assembly of the 1967 Camaro which was named Hot Rod Car of the year and featured on the August 1996 cover of Hot Rod Magazine and in the article Goin For It featured in that issue.

Here is an excerpt from the article written by Will Handzel

Mallett Motorsports in Berea, Ohio mini-tubed the rear wheelwells by cutting them down the center, sliding the inner half in 2 inches and hammer-welding a strip of sheetmetal into the gap. This maintained the factory appearance in the trunk area but allowed the large tires to fit into the wheel openings.


All that rear tire isn’t just for looks, it has the power of 396 cubic inches of all-aluminum, splayed-valve, fuel-injected former GTP race engine to put to the ground! The small-block-derived engine was balanced, blueprinted, and dyno tested by Victory Engines in Cleveland, Ohio, using a Moldex crank (3.70-inch stroke), Carillo rods (5.700 inches), Wiseco pistons (4.130-inch bore), a Jesel timing belt, a Crane cam (custom-ground street version with 0.560/0.579 inches of lift and 234/242 degrees duration at 0.050 inch, respectively), Ferrea valves, Competition Cams valvesprings, Jesel rockers, Del West titanium retainers, and a Hamburger oil pan.
Power runs through a ZF six-speed transmission that is nestled in a Mallett-built trans tunnel. For safety and to keep the power and the cornering forces from twisting the car up like a pretzel, an eight-point rollcage was tied into the front and rear subframes and the rocker panels. Within the cage, the interior boasts a Momo steering wheel, VDO gauges, a Vintage Air A/C, unit and a Pioneer stereo. After Mallett Motorsports completed the custom fabrication (which also included eliminating the front bumper, installing the Harwood glass hood, and more), the company spent hours prepping the sheetmetal and painting it Sikkens Two-Stage Red.