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Last month, the Mallett Performance Cars team had the opportunity to join dozens of other off-road racing enthusiasts at the Best in the Desert BlueWater Resort Parker 450 Pre-Fun Run.

Knowing the dusty, rocky, desert terrain we’d be facing, the team got to work outfitting our brand new 2017 black ZR2 with the essentials:

This was not your typical Sunday cruise.

During our 140-mile slog through the Arizona Desert running with our friends in the Rubicon ahead of us, we faced boulders, cliffs, Trophy Trucks, and more dust and sand than you can imagine. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Do not press play if you get motion sickness. You’ve been warned. 

We got a lot of question about our setup when we arrived. Partially because it looked like we drove up in a brand new truck – there were only 750 miles on the odometer at the start of the drive – and partially because outside of the slightly bigger tires, our ZR2 looked totally stock – it was.

Most people focus on suspension, shocks, and tires when prepping for off-road. We added power. The low end power and torque of the Mallett Supercharger and full exhaust really made the difference pulling through the deep sand, silt, and ruts on the course. On more than one occasion we found ourselves sliding through loose silt toward a drop off, and the extra power pulled us through and saved the day – and the truck.

The ZR2 handled like a champ in brutal conditions. The only damage we sustained was to the front inner fender liner. We hit a deep ditch at 65 mph, giving way to a trophy truck. We were very relieved that was all the damaged incurred considering the impact. The combination of the GM suspension with the added low-end power and torque of the Mallett Supercharger and full exhaust make the ZR2 an off-roading beast!

All-in-all, we had a blast out there. In fact, we’re excited to put the ZR2 in it’s natural habitat in some of the trails near our shop in Cornelius, NC.

Until then, enjoy this quick teaser we pulled together while the truck was still clean.